VBS 2018!

July 23-27, 9:30am-12pm, ages 4 to 8th grade

Registration starts at 9:15, July 23

5 Great Lessons

Often in life, we have to follow directions. We have to do things in a specific order if we want to be successful. That goes for planting; that goes for learning in school; that goes for serving the Lord.

God gave us a book of directions, the Bible. If we follow God’s plan for our lives, he will make us successful. God will lead us down the road He has prepared for us, and He will use us to do great things in His name!

Join us this summer for a great time, as our crew has a bunch of fun waiting for you to bring the truth of God’s Word to Boys and Girls!

Songs & Stories! Games & Prizes! Snacks!


7400 55th Pl, Summit, IL 60501, USA