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Resurrection Day

For the last few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our entire world. This means we can’t gather with our local church community physically, so instead we are meeting in this online format. Below you’ll find a couple videos from Pastor Mike; there will also be some suggested Scripture readings, and some discussion questions to use for yourself or with family and friends. This week’s video and Scripture readings focus on the Triumph of Christ, and our response to His victory in the Resurrection!

Abandoned by His Disciples

Read Matt 26:47-56

When we see the hatred of those who came to arrest Jesus, it’s easy to feel the sense of sadness that must have been in Jesus’s heart. And, as we read the last verse, we experience the utter isolation of Christ in His greatest moment of need.

Bible Challenge:

With the difficulties in your life right now, do you feel as though you are isolated from those who mean the most to you?

I weep because of these things;
my eyes flow with tears.
For there is no one nearby to comfort me,
no one to keep me alive.
My children are desolate
because the enemy has prevailed.

Lamentations 1:16

But looking at John 1:14, how has God presented Himself to us in our time of desolation?

Rejected by Israel

Read Matt 27:15-26

Amazingly, just as the nation of Israel rejected their Savior at His moment of need, we also are prone to throw God to the side when we are confronted by hardship. Instead of seeking comfort in Him in our time of need, we push Him away.

Bible Challenge:

1 God, save me by your name,
and vindicate me by your might!
2 God, hear my prayer;
listen to the words from my mouth.
3 For strangers rise up against me,
and violent men intend to kill me.
They do not let God guide them.,
4 God is my helper;
the Lord is the sustainer of my life.,
5 He will repay my adversaries for their evil.
Because of your faithfulness, annihilate them.
6 I will sacrifice a freewill offering to you.
I will praise your name, Lord,
because it is good.
7 For he has rescued me from every trouble,
and my eye has looked down on my enemies.

Psalm 55

What are some ways in which God is showing Himself to be present in your life?

Scorned by Rome

Read Matt 27:27-31

We look first to our own strength when we are confronted by mockery and scorn; but our first refuge should be in God, not in ourselves.

Bible Challenge:

26 Let those who rejoice at my misfortune

be disgraced and humiliated;

let those who exalt themselves over me

be clothed with shame and reproach.

27 Let those who want my vindication

shout for joy and be glad;

let them continually say,

“The Lord be exalted.

He takes pleasure in his servant’s well-being.”

28 And my tongue will proclaim your righteousness,

your praise all day long.

Psalm 35:26-28

Find a Scripture passage which speaks to your own heart about the refuge you can find in the Lord.

This was a terrible and grotesque experience for Christ, as He gave His own life for the sake of the sin of the world. However, the story of Jesus did not end there. As we move into the next reading with Pastor Mike, glory in the wondrous power that God showed by offering a restored relationship with us through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ!

Act 2:22-36

Psa 51

Eze 36:26-31

2Cor 5:14-21


Thank you so much for joining us in our study today. I pray that you were encouraged as you read through these passages of Scripture, and that  your heart is rejoicing in the Risen Savior. He lives today!


If you have any questions about God’s loving offer of salvation, please let us know.