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Plan for Gathering

Using Illinois’ Phase 4 guidelines, we are opening our doors with “safety in community” as we gather.

We have been given permission by our leaders to begin the process of re-opening our church facilities for group meetings. Although this is exciting in some respects, we must also keep in mind that there are still very real concerns to be handled.

As a result, the church’s leadership has assembled a plan of action for the re-opening of the building; this plan will be outlined below. The Steering Committee feel that we must remind everyone that this does not mean that we are “back to normal” yet. With the social-distancing guidelines in mind, and observing the requirements for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), we have begun meeting with relatively “normal” services.

As we continue meeting together in this “new” way, we have several recommendations for you to observe.

  • If you are unsure of whether you should begin meeting again for any reason (at-risk groups), please do not act against your conscience; do not join a small group or attend a service until you are ready to do so in good conscience.
  • If you have been sick within the last 48 hours, please do not plan to attend any meetings. If you have been sick within the last 10-14 days, please consider remaining home until you have recovered for that time period.
  • Please do not plan to share food with others meeting in your group.

With these things in mind, please read the outline of our planned re-opening, and plan accordingly:

The Leadership Team of Summit Bible Church has outlined following plan for the reopening of our church based on Illinois’ Phase 4 guidelines.

  • Please note that only designated areas of the building will be accessible and the Steering Committee asks that while in the building face masks be worn at all times. Though SBC will have masks available to those arriving without one, we ask that you plan to provide your own if you are able. We also ask that everyone respect the CDC’s social distancing guidelines (6-12 feet) while in the church building and on church property.
  • On Sundays, SBC is hosting Morning Worship services at 9:30 and 11:00 (Spanish and English, respectively) in the Sanctuary. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 PM, SBC will be open to those that wish to spend a time of quiet reflection and prayer in the church Sanctuary. In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, there will be designated seating areas. Entrance will be through the double glass doors on the South side of the building, and only the church Sanctuary and West Hall bathrooms will be accessible. We ask that while in the building socializing be kept to a minimum.

Additionally, if you are willing to commit to acting as a doorkeeper during one of these days, please contact Pastor Micah to volunteer.

  • Small groups of ten or fewer will be formed for mid-week Bible study and prayer. The Adults’ Sunday School Room will be available for any group wishing to meet at the church; each group will meet in on its predetermined day and time. We ask that food and refreshments not be served during these gatherings. If you wish to be placed into a small group please contact one of the following: Pastor Micah, John Borgeaud, Jorge Barcenas or Juan Garza. You may also call the church at 708-458-1559, or by email to Each small group will have a designated leader; once you have been assigned to a small group, your leader will contact you with further information on when and where to meet.
  • There are higher expectations of cleanliness during this time; because of this, we will have disinfecting products on hand at each gathering. If you are the last person leaving the church, please take a couple extra minutes to wipe down common-usage surfaces (for example: doors & door knobs, seat backs, toilet handles, table tops). The leaders during any gathering will be coordinating the cleaning efforts.

We are all incredibly excited to begin gathering again; but our goal as a witness to our community is not simply to gather together for our own sake. With this next step, we will be making a very big statement to our community; more, we want to make a statement that shares our peace and hope in Christ with our community.