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This morning, our goal will be a little different. I’ve included a short video to  discuss one of the major topics in Matthew 16; However, this weekend we are beginning a new month. As we come into this month of May, we should join in a time of prayer for our country, and for the rest of the world.

Would you consider taking some time this morning with us, and set some time aside to pray for the world around us?


Currently, fear is the controlling motivation in our country. It is out of fear that our leaders push desperately for some action or law that can preserve their livelihood, while making it look as though they are able to keep some level of control over this virus.

Out of fear, every American takes sides over issues such as whether to submit to the desperate laws of their leaders; whether we are doing “enough”; the list goes on, but this article isn’t about that. It is fear that motivates the person’s actions. Fear for safety; fear about what others will think; fear for our freedom; fear for our livelihood; fear for our welfare; fear of loss; fear of pain; fear of suffering.

In our passage this morning, Jesus takes His disciples aside and explains to them how He will need to suffer and die at the hands of their own leaders. Please read the passage to see the disciples response; but what you will see is that fear easily stepped in and took control of the disciples’ response.

Jesus’s reply to fears over His well-being and His future was to simply remind them that no matter the cost, God’s purposes and will are more important than the concerns of this world.

Please enjoy the video, and join us in prayer this Sunday morning!